Application Testing & Synthetic Monitoring

Meet Your Business Goals

Aligning IT and business objectives is of paramount importance today due to the increasing market demand for more frequent releases of applications and services. These releases pose a challenge for the IT team, which is continually trying to push out new, high-quality and secure releases as fast as possible. How do you remain agile and competitive while testing and monitoring the effectiveness of newly released applications? With Apica’s ZebraTester you get enterprise-level scripting and load/stress-testing that meets the needs for advanced scripts that can be used for both load testing and long-term monitoring, without modification.

Migration is a Snap with ZebraTester

Business continuity is essential to keeping any business on track, especially when rolling out new deployments or services. Legacy testing investments aren’t keeping up with the digital economy and what users are demanding. Apica ZebraTester’s advanced capabilities make it easy to migrate into your current environments and connect with any legacy testing/monitoring investments. Apica’s experts can help any organization make a smooth and seamless transition to ZebraTester.

“Working with Apica is like working with a boutique shop because they anticipate all our needs before we do.”

— Vice President of Operations for a large insurance company

Optimize your Business through Automation

With a continued focus on digital transformation, the rate of change to any environment will only multiply. An organization’s ability to quickly adjust and be agile in this constant state of change requires automation in order to compete. With ZebraTester you get advanced scripting for the toughest load demands while optimizing your processes through automation. ZebraTester is an IT system and process agnostic, allowing you to deploy technology within your existing environments automatically.

Easily Integrate with your Current Investments with Top Shelf Support and Out of the Box Integration

ZebraTester just like all Apica offerings integrates seamlessly with many leading technology platforms. With Apica you can extend the performance of your application monitoring and testing investments. ZebraTester provides full integrations through:
Automatic generation of custom test-scripts — based on your click by click GUI actions
Integrated wizards for extracting and assigning user-specific session parameters
Integrated support of input files containing user-specific data
Integrated support for user-specific execution control, response verifications and error actions
Integrated support for advanced scripting with the help of inline scripts based on the BASIC language
Support for different authentication mechanisms like Kerberos, NTM, Smart Card Based certificates, CyberArk, etc.
Integrated support for creating custom plugins to enable custom scripting
Integrated support for converting LoadRunner scripts and executing JMeter scripts