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New Apica AzureCheck: Performance & Monitoring for Azure

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PALO ALTO, Calif. – October 5, 2011 –Apica, a leading load testing and performance-monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today announced the immediate availability of Apica AzureCheck, a revolutionary new monitoring and performance measuring service designed specifically for Microsoft’s cloud service, Azure. The service is being offered at no cost for a 30 day trial period.

Apica AzureCheck gives users control of how individual instances of Azure load and integrates support for dynamic scaling of new instances at load. The new technology contains a fully integrated function check of the web application “from outside” via Apica’s standard application monitoring service. Response times and application functionality can be measured from any place around the world. Users will benefit from this service by combining three operations that normally require separate consultancy work or separate programs — Azure Server “Vital Signs” monitoring, application function and application response time and also dynamic scaling of new instances based on load.

Azure can best be described as a growingly popular Microsoft platform that operates in the cloud. It is a scalable environment used to deploy and run services and/or to store data. Microsoft has invested heavily in several types of cloud services and has adapted a number of its products for the Azure service platform.

Apica is a Microsoft Azure Certified Silver Partner who meets the customer and test requirements that Microsoft sets for independence partners. Apica’s solutions test, monitor and optimize web, cloud and mobile applications, giving businesses a true understanding of how those applications perform. Failure to deliver performance in an application will have a significant impact on the business. Testing applications both prior to deployment and after launch are critical to ensure uptime and optimal performance levels.

Supporting Quotes

“Azure is a very powerful platform that is growing quickly in popularity. We are delighted to offer the industry our world-leading performance solution tailored especially for Azure. Effective response time measurements, load testing, capacity planning and support for dynamic scaling are just some of the features that Apica can now offer Azure users,” said Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica.

“The momentum we now see in the use of the Windows Azure platform also creates a great need for easy loading testing and monitoring of the applications as a service, instead of having to invest a lot of time in development or setting up infrastructure. Apica’s solution is exactly what the market currently demands,” said André Henriksson, Partner Evangelist Manager – Cloud Solutions, Microsoft.

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Apica is a leading provider of load testing and performance monitoring solutions that test, monitor and optimize cloud and mobile applications. More than 250 customers, including Newsday, PricewaterhouseCoopers, eBay Sweden and Thomas Cook, use Apica for the highest possible performance standards globally and in the cloud. Apica’s products are uniquely designed for cloud infrastructure and have performed some of the largest published load tests ever conducted. Apica WebExcellence Suite includes Apica LoadTest, Apica WebPerformance and Apica WebOverload, for testing applications for maximum capacity, real-time performance, improved load times and protection from peak load. Apica was founded in 2005 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden and Palo Alto, Calif., with offices in London, Los Angeles, Austin, Texas and Seattle, Wash. To learn more about Apica, visit

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