Apica’s IT Alerting Integrations

Automate IT Alerting and Accelerate Incident Resolution

Apica’s native IT alerting integrations allows users to forge a direct connection between Apica Synthetic and the ITSM and collaboration tools of their choice. Collect event intelligence continuously, uncover the issues that matter most, and resolve them efficiently to proactively manage uptime and performance.

Accelerated Incident Resolution

Set dynamic thresholds for incident alerting and let Apica route critical issues to the right teams and individuals in your organization.

  • Automatic incident routing engages the right team instantly to proactively address the issue before it affects end-users.
  • Configure the alerts to send relevant data that provides extra incident context about what, why, and where.

Centralized Insights

Correlate event outputs from Apica Synthetic with data from other third-party IT tools, allowing you to cross-check information for detailed insights and validation.

  • Track and manage the full lifecycle of incidents including escalation, on-call schedules and more.
  • Extend functionality by correlating Synthetic alert metrics with other data — such as response, patterns, and holistic event intelligence — for contextual insights.

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