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Apica as an Alternative to Micro Focus SiteScope

Change is never easy, but a necessity as legacy software can’t keep up with the current needs or demand. ┬áCase in point is what we are seeing with solutions like HP/Micro Focus SiteScope, though a great product for years

IoT Monitoring for Today and Tomorrow

The two buzz words this year have been the “Connected Car” and “IoT Device.” The automotive industry has taken the lead in ensuring both are integrated into their innovations and even the services they offer. Automotive manufacturers are moving to not only deliver the most innovative autonomous cars, but also the ability to connect to […]

Have You Tested Your App Performance & Capacity Recently?

2019 will go down as the year when giants collided over who is streaming the right content to win the growing market demand and dollars. Disney announced they would have a streaming service, while Netflix subscribers reached an all-time high with 137.1 million Netflix users as of Q3 2018. To top it all off, consumers […]

Desktop Application Monitoring – Are you Doing it Right?

Legacy applications tend to be the driver for businesses to achieve revenue goals. Despite having the standard legacy challenges like not working as they should or with the new network ecosystems they continue to drive a lot of decisions in the enterprise network. The challenge is that not all applications are built the same and […]

Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics

Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics By Sven Hammar, CPO at Apica Systems We have always provided Apica users with the best graphical reports to help visualize what is happening across any application or environment. A few of these graphical reports can be provided through the Portal, and these metrics can be brought into […]