Apica Acquires Leading Load Testing Tool, Proxy Sniffer

by | June 7, 2012

PALO ALTO, Calif.–June 7, 2012–Apica, a leading load testing and performance monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, has acquired the advanced web load and stress testing tool Proxy Sniffer. Proxy Sniffer lets developers simulate more than 1 million simultaneous web users, making it one of the most powerful tools for analyzing and testing the performance and stability of large-scale web applications both internally and in the cloud.
Through this acquisition, Apica will begin offering Proxy Sniffer under the Apica brand, allowing organizations to easily plan, implement, and analyze mega load tests of anywhere from 200,000 to 1 million users. Apica ProxySniffer generates load via cloud resources in the AWS Network or the Apica premium load testing network. Apica ProxySniffer is available as a free, 20-user license, or for larger loads, as a pay-as-you-go cloud capacity service.
“Knowing how many users your cloud, mobile, or web application can handle is crucial to delivering a consistent and positive user experience,” says Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica. “Proxy Sniffer simplifies the web and stress testing process and offers unmatched scalability for mega load testing of hundreds of thousands of users so organizations can verify how their applications will respond and clearly identify and rectify performance bottlenecks. This tool is a valuable addition to Apica’s suite of performance and testing services and will enable us to extend our load testing capabilities to further optimize application performance.”
As a result of the acquisition, Proxy Sniffer creator and load test expert David Fischer will join Apica as Senior Lead Developer. Fischer will be responsible for developing and enhancing Apica’s line of load testing services.
“With more than 200 worldwide customers, Proxy Sniffer is already one of the most widely utilized load and stress testing tools on the market,” says Fischer, creator of Proxy Sniffer. “Now, as part of the Apica suite of services, the opportunities for expanding its use and functionality are limitless. I’m looking forward to working with the Apica team to help even more organizations ensure the reliability and scalability of their web applications.”
Apica provides the most effective technology for optimizing the performance of cloud and mobile applications. The Apica WebExcellence Suite offers companies and developers alike easy-to-use, cloud-based load testing and web performance monitoring tools to test applications for maximum capacity, daily performance, improved load times, and protection from peak load. For more information about how Apica is providing the highest standard for cloud and mobile application performance management, visit https://www.apicasystem.com.
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