Which Candidate is Leading the Web Performance Race?

by | October 11, 2012

If presidential elections were based on web performance, we’d likely be inaugurating a new president in a few months. With just over one month until the culmination of the 2012 presidential race, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the websites of both candidates and political parties to see which is performing best for the people.

After one month of web performance monitoring, during which we used a real browser to test availability and response times, Mitt Romney is the clear front-runner. His election site, MittRomney.com, has delivered the fastest average response time: 2.47 seconds. In contrast, the incumbent’s site delivered a 4.65 second average response time.

There are four weeks and three presidential debates left until election time, and you can be sure we’ll keep an eye on these sites to see how they measure up with the overall results.

Website performance was measured every 30 minutes during the month of September from Apica’s U.S. West Coast monitoring agent location.

Apica Product Team