# Velocity 2013 in Santa Clara

by | June 19, 2013

We are in the middle of a busy period performing several large loadtests for our customers, at the same time as we are launching our new LoadTest Portal. One of the main objectives when developing the new LoadTest Portal has been to make it more user friendly, making it possible for more of our partners and customers to schedule and run their own loadtests more often. We are also looking at an attractive fixed pricing to go with that, enabling tests for more DevOps out there with a mission to eliminate nonperforming applications from the face of the net. As we speak we have not dropped the curtain completely on all the new features but in a couple of hours we will launch the new version, Apica Loadtest 2.0.  Until then, you can have a look at my colleagues Erik and Craig in their new Demo of our Apica / AppDynamics integration.

Over and out //Leif Nordlund at the Apica HQ

Apica Product Team