Customer Success Story: Insurance Giant

“Working with Apica is like working with a boutique shop because they anticipate all our needs before we do.”
Vice President of Operations


With nearly 100 million customers worldwide and offices in over 50 countries, this insurance giant required a solution that could save them time and money on monitoring their complex applications. Their legacy solution at the time, SiteScope with Load-Runner, was no longer meeting the demands of their modern environment. The insurance com-pany also required a solution that could easily integrate with other investments such as AppDynamics and Service Now. Lastly, with over 6,000 applications running, they needed a solution that could scale to meet the needs of their rapidly growing global IT infrastructure.


    • Insurance
    • Benefits
    • Investment Management


    • 50,000 employees
    • 50 countries
    • $70 billion annual revenue

Products in Use


    • Cost associated with managing synthetic monitoring
    • Monitoring securely and at scale

Key Selling Features

    • Ability to create complex scripts with ease
    • Significant time savings utilizing a single script for performance testing and monitoring
    • Ability to use 7,000 scripts from HP Load-Runner and SiteScope
    • Apica’s constant development of the product to keep up with their customer’s requirements


Apica’s private silo was the perfect solution for the Insurance company. Apica met their requirements by using a combination of privatized Software-as-a-Service Solutions in their choice of cloud providers and On-Premise private monitoring agents to perform application checks within their local network. They started by purchasing 10,000 annual monitoring checks and 10,000 virtual users for load testing.


The insurance leader was able to save annually on infrastructure maintenance and load testing. Using Apica, the insurance company was able to seamlessly convert their old monitoring scripts using our ZebraTester scripting tool. These conversions saved the company thousands of hours and money. They were also able to perform reoccurring load tests on their applications using 10,000 virtual users at once to replicate heavy traffic periods.


saved annually


Virtual Users


of hours saved annually


Mean Time to Isolation