TransGaming, Inc. Delivers Product to Market Faster with Apica

by | October 11, 2011


  • Apica Helps Canadian Gaming Company Streamline Its Time to Market with Innovative SaaS-Based Load Testing Technology
  • More Than 400% Improvement in Performance and Concurrency Achieved with Apica LoadTest

PALO ALTO, Calif. – October 11, 2011 – Apica, a leading load testing and performance-monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today announced that TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V:TNG), the global leader in the multiplatform development of electronic entertainment, is successfully using Apica LoadTest. TransGaming, who recently launched GameTreeTV, an innovative, on-demand gaming service that runs on Smart TV, depends on Apica LoadTest to validate that its system can handle peak loads, identify application performance bottlenecks at each tier of the system and confirm the failover mechanisms during peak loads.

As TransGaming prepared the rollout of its new service with a top European broadband provider, its operations team moved to independently verify and test that its systems could handle the expected spike in television traffic levels. TransGaming engaged with RightScale and utilized its Cloud Computing Management Platform for its elastic cloud infrastructure.

Once the project was underway, testing needed to be coordinated between TransGaming and RightScale teams across seas, in which case the tests required massive loads and real-time results analysis. TransGaming selected Apica, a RightScale partner, to handle all system testing. >Apica LoadTest was chosen for its ability to simulate actual set-top box user scenarios in complex scripts, its ability to drive load from multiple geographies, as well as for Apica’s deep technical experience with high volume caching systems.

The results from a three-week testing cycle identified several problem areas that TransGaming was able to address before launch of the new system. With Apica, the gaming company achieved more than 400 percent improvement in performance and concurrency testing compared to initial testing results. Additionally, TransGaming was able to identify anticipated spike loads, and plan and tune systems accordingly. The analysis and data provided by Apica identified specific configurations and code that when fixed and restarted, showed significant improvement in concurrency performance.

The global market for cloud computing is expected to grow six-fold in the next 10 years. As more businesses move to cloud computing, it’s critical these businesses test their cloud applications prior to deployment to ensure uptime and optimal performance levels. Failure to deliver performance in an application will have a significant impact on the business. Apica solutions test, monitor and optimize cloud applications, and give businesses a true understanding of how their cloud applications perform. Using Apica’s load testing technology, users can reduce the risk of project failure due to capacity and load issues by providing a true understanding of how cloud applications will perform under stressed load conditions.

Supporting Quotes

“The Apica team worked closely with our engineering team to simulate a very complex set-top box environment. They not only provided incredible loads and quick results, but they also provided great insight on various configuration settings. During the test cycles, they became an embedded part of our team because of their commitment to seeing our results improve,” said Roberto Monge, Chief Architect, TransGaming Inc.


“At its core, TransGaming helps companies effectively deploy and distribute leading- edge electronic entertainment across multiple platforms. We’re excited to be working with them to add rigor and precision to TransGaming’s new entertainment innovations via our industry-leading load testing technology,” said Sven Hammar, CEO at Apica.


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