3 Ways Automation is Driving Digital Transformation

by | May 5, 2017

Digital transformation harnesses the wider use of technology within an organization’s services, products, and processes to improve the user experience for its customers, increase the speed of execution and ultimately deliver competitive advantage. So, how is automation driving digital transformation? Here are three ways.

1.    Business processes optimization

Many traditional organizations are making the move away from legacy systems towards digital transformation in order to optimize their processes. Automation technology is IT system and process agnostic, which allows businesses to build on their systems within the existing IT environment.

In order to create a transformative environment and improve speed and quality of delivery, organizations need to integrate automation into their existing processes. The ability to frequently release high-quality products will ultimately result in revenue and profit growth and dictate how well an organization will fare against the competition.

2.    Improved overall IT operational efficiency

With automation, the prospect of human error is eliminated, delivering outcomes that are 100% accurate. By automating tasks, organizations can significantly reduce the overall process cycle. Using Active Digital Experience Monitoring also enables organizations to reduce process times by finding root causes faster, making it an essential technology for businesses looking to make proactive IT investments.

3.    Increased employee productivity

Many organizations encounter resourcing difficulties ahead of their digital transformation projects, and automation can offer a cost-effective solution to this problem by taking on repetitive, rules-based tasks and freeing up employees to focus on more rewarding, customer-focused work.

To make it easier for employees to visualize the organizations’ digital transformation project as a whole and improve agility, IT teams need to move away from working in isolation from the rest of the organization towards a more collaborative approach.

Automation is driving transformation

The road towards digital transformation is a business critical one, and organizations embarking on this journey will need to consider how each aspect of their business can be optimized to fulfill new digital objectives and new growth potential. Automation technology is set to play a pivotal role in digital transformation, enabling organizations to optimize their existing processes and keep pace with the competition.

Apica Product Team