The Best Practices to Ensure Optimum Performance in the Cloud

by | March 19, 2013

So you made a decision to move to the Cloud – well done. With the proper planning and approach, the cloud can provide the perfect dynamic infrastructure for your organization and your web sites and services.

Following are five best practices to use. If you can consider these steps, you will find the transition less painful.

  1. RULES

    of the Game.  Knowing that you will do well to pin your cloud supplier down to an SLA that relates to how your application performs – not to a certain size of billable infrastructure.

  2. TEST

    to see how your application scales in the cloud. Is it stable under peak load, does it support the numbers of users you expect to come along, does it scale up properly when needed?

  3. SCALE

    Find out how your provider scales up – and importantly down – and test it out.

  4. SIZE

    Understand your optimum configuration – do I need 1 large instance or 2 medium? This can save you lots of money.


    Once you have moved to the Cloud, monitor what the end user experiences 24×7 – he will expect no degradation with what he normally experience.

We at Apica has the tools and knowledge to help you make the right decisions – ping me if you think these Best Practices are worth looking into.



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