Streamlined Integrations and What’s to Come

by | July 8, 2016

Apica WPM offers a variety of integrations for our users and provides information and metrics from such services as Analytical tools, Application Performance Monitoring and Content Delivery Networks. Integrations include, but are not limited to, Google Analytics, AppDynamics and Akamai.

For more detailed information about our integrations please read our Feature Highlight.

Integrations can be used as a dashboard solution. The image below shows the most critical integrations information on a dashboard. This information is quickly available to you in the WPM interface, or as integrations where a specific metric is pulled, so it can be used together with other performance metrics in WPM.

The AppDynamics integration is an example that we provide both as a dashboard and as an integration. Metrics are pulled and presented in the WPM UI.

Integration metrics are treated like regular checks metrics which means that you will be able to correlate them on the Analyze Metrics page with other performance metrics such as Response Time, DOM Complete and so on. This allows you to further expand your result analysis.

Example: Correlating Active Users from the new upcoming Google Analytics-integration with Response Time. This will show you how Response Time is affecting your users – are they staying on your page when it’s slow or moving on to a competitor that can keep up?

Streamlined, simplified and the future of WPM and Integrations

We have recently streamlined the flow for creating new integrations – It’s now easier to set up! Look for the New Integration + button in the menu. Connect to your other services and tools to get your most important data into WPM.

Now that we’ve created a simplified foundation for integrations, we’ll also bring in other integrations that will provide new metrics to your arsenal. We would like to think of it as a market place for metrics where you pick and choose metrics that suit your analysis needs.

As we mentioned before we will soon have a new Google Analytics integration up and running. We will also soon introduce our Google PageSpeed integration. This integration will allow you to get your sites Pagespeed score, either desktop, mobile or mobile usability, as a metric. This is a very useful metric to keep track of – it’s important to see how your Pagespeed score goes up or down after a deploy, which in turn tells you a lot about your sites usability for visitors.

Apica Product Team