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Modernize Your Application Monitoring and Testing Capabilities

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Getting the most out of your investments requires sound testing and performance monitoring strategy. Unfortunately, many monitoring solutions haven’t kept up with the continued growth of applications making them less effective in finding some of the simplest issues. At Apica, we’re dedicated to keeping up with these demands and our client’s needs. Our platform provides the robust performance monitoring capabilities you need and scales with your growing IT infrastructure, which makes us the best SiteScope alternative.

Apica Synthetic Monitoring Benefits

Guided Migration

Migrating from Micro Focus to our alternative couldn’t be easier. Our professional services experts walk you through the conversion from SiteScope and Load-Runner scripts in an automated seamless transition.

Cover all Application Types

Monitor and alert on Enterprise business critical applications. Cover both web, API, thick client, terminal and host type applications like Citrix, SAP, Microsoft etc. in terms of functionality, network and performance problems including host types.

Scalable Management

Excellent user and test management (groups and permissions) – the portal is capable of managing thousands of applications under one account.

Multiple Deployment Options

Flexible delivery: we offer classic SaaS, hybrid and on-prem solutions with dedicated private silo deployments so you can monitor inside and outside your company applications.

High Security Apps

Handle security to gain real uptime visibility including Single Sign-On authentication, Keberos and PKCS12 certificates

Global Network

Access to global performance testing and monitoring network with external locations (180+) grouped by city, including mainland China.

White Glove Migration from SiteScope to Apica

Our Apica professional service’s experts guide you through the entire migration process from Micro Focus SiteScope to Apica including script conversions, dashboard setup, integrations and test configurations. Their knowledge and experience make the process seamless without losing any built-in scripting capabilities.

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Enterprise Privacy & Security Compliance

Enterprise compliance standards on privacy and security are our top priorities. We meet all the rules and regulations when it comes to data storage and delivery to make sure you and your customers data is protected. We offer classic SaaS, hybrid and on-prem with dedicated private silo deployments to meet your data privacy needs. Apica uses secure communication including Single Sign-On authentication, Keberos and PKCS12 certificates.

Supported Security Technology

Apica Innovates to Customers’ Needs

Complexity, scalability and flexibility continue to be a challenge for DevOps teams. Leveraging an outdated monitoring solution won’t cut it any longer. Apica provides the innovation its customers and the market demand. It is clear that Apica is the only solution that can truly replace Micro Focus Sitescope and BSM to deliver industry leading performance monitoring and testing to your company.

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World Class Support

Apica Customer Support

Our support desk is staffed with technical engineers who achieve a first touch fault resolution in under two hours, rather than operating a service desk that records and allocates incident tickets.

Only 25% of tickets need to be escalated to Tier 2 Support. 75% of all of our tickets are solved within one day.

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