Why Replace Micro Focus Site Scope Monitor with Apica Ascent

Perks of Apica as a SiteScope Alternative

Getting the most out of your investments requires sound testing and a performance monitoring strategy. Unfortunately, many monitoring solutions such as SiteScope haven’t kept up with the continued growth of applications making them less effective in diagnosing some of the simplest issues. This is only exacerbated by the fact that complexity, scalability, and flexibility continue to be a challenge for DevOps teams who are using these outdated monitoring solutions.

The level of frustration among IT and DevOps teams keeps increasing with legacy performance monitoring solutions, leading them to look for SiteScope alternatives. The largest shared concerns include:

  • Lack of updates to the software, especially as today’s application complexity increases
  • Outdated security and authentication standards cannot keep up with the current work from home environment
  • No clear migration path for previously created scripts when switching solution
  • Lack of true API support

At Apica, we’re dedicated to helping our customers mitigate these challenges with a robust Service-level Assurance platform. Our platform provides robust performance monitoring capabilities that scale up or down depending on your application demands. Benefits of Apica as a SiteScope replacement include:

Easy, Guided Migration

Migrating from Micro Focus SiteScope to Apica is easy and fast. Our professional services experts walk you through the SiteScope alternative solution in an automated seamless transition, making sure to account for any unique business needs along the way.

Coverage for All Application Types

The Apica solution for your Micro Focus SiteScope alternative monitors all business-critical applications, from the web, API, thick client, terminal and host-type applications (Citrix, SAP, Microsoft). Apica ensures functionality never suffers, making network and performance problems are a thing of the past.

Multiple Deployment Options

Apica offers classic SaaS, hybrid, and on-prem solutions with dedicated private silo deployments so you can monitor inside and outside your company applications.

High-Security Apps

The Apica solution provides strong security to gain real uptime visibility including single sign-on authentication, Keberos, and PKCS12 certificates.

Performance Across a Global Network

With Apica, you get global performance testing and network monitoring across external locations (180+) grouped by city, including mainland China.

White-Glove Migration from MicroFocus SiteScope to Apica

Apica professional service experts guide you through the entire Micro Focus SiteScope replacement to Apica including script conversions, dashboard setup, integrations, and test configurations. Their knowledge and experience make the process seamless without losing any built-in scripting capabilities.

Enterprise Privacy and Security Compliance

Enterprise compliance standards on privacy and security are Apica’s top priorities. All data storage and delivery rules and regulations are met to ensure you and your customers’ data are protected. We offer classic SaaS, hybrid, and on-prem with dedicated private silo deployments to meet your data privacy needs. Apica uses secure communication including single sign-on authentication, Kerberos, and PKCS12 certificates.

Apica brings modernization to your monitoring strategy, delivering intelligent alerting, nodes for automating operations, and open integration paths for other vendors or homebrewed tools. Apica’s API-forward environment supports an unconstrained spectrum of web and non-web applications whether they are internal or external. It’s no wonder with all these capabilities Gartner has said, “Apica is the only company that can truly replace SiteScope”.

Quickly migrate to SiteScope alternative: Apica.

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