A Simple Guide to Integrations with Apica Products

by | October 6, 2016

Apica’s robust line of monitoring and load testing tools operate and gather additional performance information through integration with several leading platforms for easy access to a larger, more accurate data pool. With this system, which draws from multiple data sources and presents an easy-to-use interface, your business can make even better decisions for all your web and application platforms.

The Integration Process

The end goal of synthetic monitoring integration is to make your business’s web platforms run more efficiently. Essentially, the process helps determine how well web applications are running. Speed is an important factor across all web platforms, because faster load times translate into higher conversion rates. One study found that every second lost from 15 to 7 seconds in page load time improved conversions by 3 percent, whereas every second dropped from 7 to 5 seconds boosted conversions by 2 percent.

Monitoring tools need to be able to interface with your business’s various platforms to gather information and communicate with one another. In addition to connecting the tools to your platforms, your staff needs to discuss and determine which elements of performance, stability, and efficiency you’re going to be looking at. The platform also helps identify problems early on so your developers can address them before they impact customers. Apica’s monitoring and testing platform enables integrations with the following partners:

AWS CodePipeline

Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps your team act quickly. Featuring a continuous delivery service for quick and reliable application updating, AWS helps to support agile development and maximize monitoring integrations. Moreover, there’s no need to wait for another major patch release to fix issues: Developers can identify and fix problems in minutes, so your company can fine-tune tests on the fly. The service builds, tests, and deploys code to match every change.


The more performance data your business has to work with, the better. Apica’s monitoring tools are built for seamless integration with the Akamai platform. Your team can connect its Akamai account to its Apica platform so you only have to look at a single location to compare metrics between the two systems. Apica’s synthetic performance monitoring platform features the Akamai Luna Control Center, which monitors factors like uptime, latency, traffic, throughput, and content delivery metrics in a consolidated location. The information from Akamai can be cross-referenced with Apica’s website monitoring information for an even deeper understanding of how the hosting infrastructure is performing.

New Relic

New Relic is another performance monitoring tool for web application environments that’s built to integrate with the Apica platform. This system is specifically built to measure a wide range of metrics and narrow down problem locations so development teams can quickly identify and resolve problems before they spiral out of control. The platform looks at a range of different user interactions while measuring user, app, and database call response times.

Google Analytics

With our new Google Analytics Real Time integration you can see if users stayed on your site during the low-performance period, or if they left, possibly for a competitor. Correlate the Active Users metrics with Response Time to exactly how the poor performance affected the users. The number of Page Views are also important to take a look at in order to see how the users interacted with your site during low-performance periods.

Setting up the Integration is as easy as clicking “New Integration +” and choosing Google Analytics Real-Time and then providing your View ID which you can find on the Google Analytics Administration page.

If you’re looking for ways to improve web platform performance and take a proactive approach to problem resolution, contact the website testing experts at Apica today. Apica’s website test tools are integrated with leading performance monitoring tools to provide accurate, helpful results to give your business a performance edge.

Apica Product Team