Apica Scripting Tools

Next Generation Tools

Scripts are the core of successful monitoring and performance testing. Apica scripting tools meet and exceed the testing demands of modern DevOps and QA teams, delivering service-level assurance. The Apica platform leverages modern GUI-based web applications, while delivering scripts in an easy-to-use way, describing what the script should do in YAML.

The tools match all types of scripts and experience levels. Created scripts can be used for both the Apica platform and Apica LoadTest. This ensures critical business journeys are fulfilled for:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps
  • APIs
  • Streaming


Zebra CLI

Application owners often use YAML to help store and transmit data. With Zebra CLI you can create scripts without a graphical user interface and instead use YAML files to define the test scripts. The scripts can be extended with custom inline scripting and Java plugins. The script is first described in YAML including the data correlation. The described YAML determines what the script should do and then the script is generated with the command line interface.

 The YAML syntax includes full support for extracting and assigning dynamic data using for example JSONPath, XPath, Regex, etc. Generated scripts can then be used for both monitoring and performance testing in the Apica platform.


Apica ZebraTester

Apica ZebraTester is Apica’s first generation scripting tool, offering a range of features to create advanced scripting used for load testing and monitoring.

With the universally usable HTTP(S) Proxy Recorder, scenarios can be recorded using any web browser, including AJAX calls and requests made from pop-up windows. Data traffic for HTTP(S)-based web service client programs can also be recorded. Simple test scenarios can be created automatically with an Integrated Web Crawler which discovers all the pages comprising a website. Test scenarios can also be created manually by importing pre-defined URL calls from a definition file.

 Apica ZebraTester’s high number of features and complexity makes the tool suitable for the advanced user and test experts. To learn more, visit the Apica ZebraTester page


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