New Release – New Trends Page, Updated Checks Page and More

by | April 12, 2010

New page: Trends

Keep an eye on the trends of your checks with the new Trends page. The graphs and charts on this page will display the development of the response times of your checks. Modify the data by selecting different time spans such as hour/day/week. The distribution of the various status types is displayed graphically.

You can access the Trend pages by clicking the new Trends tab in the navigation bar on the individual check page.

Zoom the Times Graph

Previously you could zoom and move back and forth in a Times graph by activating “scroll large dataset” Now we have added a new zoom feature to make it easier to get the data range you want.

This is how it works:

  • Put cursor where you want the data set to start – click and hold
  • Drag the cursor to the end of your data set and release
  • The selected area will expand in the Times graph panel

New Last Error Function on Checks Page

On the checks page the time of the last error occurred is displayed directly under the check’s name. Click on it to view error details. Activate the function under “Settings” on the Check pages.

Group Summary Function on Checks Page

You can set a check group’s header to change color and automatically alert you if there is a problem on one of the checks in the group. The group’s header will display the color of the “worst” state on any of the checks in the group. At the beginning of the header bar, you will see a summary of the states of all the checks in the group.

Optimized Performance of Checks Page

The performance of the Checks page has been optimized to enhance page load time. Only expanded/visible groups are loaded, which means that you can speed up load time by collapsing groups that you don’t use frequently.

Various Fixes

Silverlights Graphs would not load when displaying several graphs on the page – Fixed Checks page did not render correct in Chrome and Firefox – fixed.

Apica Product Team