Apica Ascent

Solves Complex Digital Performance Challenges

Measure What Matters

The Apica Ascent platform combines active monitoring with load testing to solve the most complex digital performance challenges. The result is reduced friction and time to resolution for cloud migrations, applications and underlying infrastructure outages ensuring all user experiences exceed expectations.

Visibility that Creates Agility

Monitoring from the outside-in guarantees a user-centric view that examines and finds performance challenges before users log into mission-critical applications. The result is greater visibility and agility to meet the business’ users needs.

Align Monitoring with Business Objectives

Apica’s platform ensures that necessary applications, network, security, and access rights are available to perform critical business journeys. In addition, IT and monitoring teams can validate and provide business reports through independent auditing with Apica.


Reuse Load-Testing Scripts

With Apica you can leverage pre-production tests for the development and ongoing active monitoring of applications. This helps simplify creating and using all performance tests while reducing tool sprawl and costs.

Want More Tech?

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Synthetic Monitoring

Actively monitor apps, websites and APIs around the clock.

Application Monitoring

Get better visibility across all types of desktop apps.

Load Testing

Know the scalability of your apps, under any circumstance.

Apica Scripting Tools

Extend the testing abilities of your Dev and QA teams.