New load testing portal meets cloud, mobile, and enterprise testing needs of any organization

by | December 17, 2012

Moving into 2013 the demand for flexible, on-demand load testing is at an all-time high. Organizations have finally and overwhelmingly recognized the importance of application uptime to customer relations, brand reputation, and the bottom line, and are looking to take control of their web, mobile, and cloud application performance.

apica load testing

Apica offers four options for testing capacity of web, cloud, and mobile applications.

With this in mind, Apica revealed today, a comprehensive load testing portal that makes available the load testing tools, premium testing networks, and professional expertise to help organizations test the capacity of their applications. offers four options for organizations to load test their apps with capacity of anywhere from 100,000 to 2 million concurrent users: internal testing, pure cloud testing, Apica LoadTest Self-Service, and Apica LoadTest Full-Service.

The press release we issued this morning describes each of these options in depth. Take a look to see which option might be best for you.

The on-demand availability, flexible pricing structure, and multitude of testing options offered through the load testing portal make it a universal tool, one capable of meeting the load testing needs of any organization, no matter how large or small.