[New Feature Release] High and Low Thresholds

by | February 10, 2017

ASM Offers Alerts System to Monitor Thresholds

Monitoring is most effective when the tool can quickly identify a problem and offer a detailed corrective to that problem. Apica Synthetic Monitoring offers the Alert system. A user can now set-up alerts to notify him/her when a check violates the set thresholds.

Historically, Apica provided users with the ability to set a High Threshold, meaning a check would change severity to Warning or Error when the returned value was higher than the threshold. Apica recently introduced the Low Threshold. A low threshold will trigger alerts when the reported value drops below the set threshold. The Low Threshold is also ideal to use with our new Pagespeed integration. Users can set an alert whenever the site’s Pagespeed score drops below acceptable levels. Thresholds can also be used in conjunction to set an Acceptable Range.

For example, a threshold is set up as follows:

High Warning Threshold: 2,500ms
Low Warning Threshold: 500ms

Everything in between five seconds and 10 seconds will be considered severity Information, but a severity change to Warning will be triggered as soon as the value goes over 10 seconds or drops below 5 seconds. There are many uses for this – for example, being notified about both abnormally large or small Received Sizes.

Apica Product Team