New Features Released in Apica Synthetic Monitoring

by | April 21, 2017

New Feature releases in Apica Synthetic Monitoring

Custom Result Unit

In Apica Synthetic Monitoring it is now possible to create and use Custom Result Units per check. This is useful for integration checks. For example, in the AppDynamics integration, you can get many different metrics into ASM. If you are getting the metric “Calls per minute” from AppDynamics you can use “Calls” or “CPM” as a unit for that check throughout the ASM UI. See below for an example. As Apica continues to bring in more integrations into ASM, you’ll be able to view all your metrics from one dashboard.

Aggregated Step Data

You can see trend data in each step of a scenario for metrics such as DOM Complete or DOM Interactive. We now store more data on a step level for Browser Checks. You’ll be able to see trends over a longer period for specific steps and metrics in your scenario. We save trend data up to one year. This allows you to see how the DOM Complete performance within a specific step in your scenario has degraded or improved over time. If you add another metric in Analyze Trends you can create a metric correlation.

Head over to Analyze Metrics page and switch over to Trends to chart your scenario step metrics over time.

Alerts in Journal

Apica tracks actions users make in the Journal within ASM. You recently asked us to include any changes that are made to the Alerts, so you can now track who and when someone has made a change to any part of the alerts or recipient page. This will help identify why alerts are not being sent correctly, as well as determine when contact information is incorrect.

Apica Product Team