Monitor Native Applications

Get Greater Visibility Across All Types of Native/Desktop Apps

If you’re like most businesses, you juggle a variety of apps–cloud and legacy–but struggle to achieve visibility across all. Not all applications are built the same and many legacy applications don’t have modern APIs or connections. Because of this, you often do not have visibility into legacy apps. Apica Desktop Application Check (DAC) offers critical performance monitoring across Windows desktops, terminal applications, and legacy systems, eliminating all monitoring black holes.

Uptime and Performance

Understanding the performance and uptime of key desktop applications is critical in a remote-centric world. With Apica’s Desktop Application check (DAC), you get advanced scripting capabilities that give greater visibility to the performance of your legacy apps. Results are stored and presented with timing per step and total in the ASM portal. The DAC check provides screenshots to help troubleshoot any possible issues.

Monitoring Terminal Applications

Apica’s Desktop Application check (DAC) can interface with and record any app through keyboard, mouse, video. The DAC check supports thick clients, thin clients, Java Web Start, Citrix, Oracle forms, AutoCAD SAP R3, Terminal Emulators IBM3270, VT100, VT200, and legacy applications. Scripting supports the Special Functions commands frequently used in terminal emulations.

Advanced Scripting Capabilities

Apica’s Desktop Application Check provides detailed scripting capabilities of a wide spectrum of elements for monitoring each step in the user’s journey, ensuring that no critical journeys are disrupted. Many of these scripted elements are already built-in, extending the ability to:

  • Execute and interface with any application with any keyboard, mouse, or video.
  • Record and script the user journey directly on the desktop.
  • Easily record the user journey by starting the application, clicking on positions, buttons, images, and more.
  • Provide support for as well as record text and complex key commands.

Continuous Intelligence

In addition, DAC gives you results presented in interactive dashboards with waterfall graphs, trend reports, and summaries providing reliable insights on performance and availability, ensuring that you’re always on top of your apps.

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