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monitoring desktop application dashboard

Today’s legacy applications tend to be the driver for businesses to achieve revenue goals. The challenge is that not all applications are built the same and many legacy applications don’t have modern APIs or connections to enable complete monitoring of these applications. The result is legacy applications that create monitoring black holes with no visibility. Apica Desktop Application Check (DAC) offers critical performance monitoring across Windows Desktops, Terminal Applications and Legacy Systems to close all monitoring black holes.

desktop application check dashboard

Uptime and Performance

Understanding the performance and uptime of key desktop applications is critical in today’s always-on environment. Apica’s Desktop Application check (DAC) offers advanced scripting capabilities to deliver greater visibility into legacy application performance. The results are stored and presented with timing per step and total in the ASM portal. The DAC check provides screenshots if anything goes wrong to help the troubleshooting.

Apica's desktop application check scripting tool

Monitoring Terminal Applications

Apica’s Desktop Application check (DAC) can interface with and record any application through Keyboard, Mouse, Video. The DAC check supports Thick Clients, Thin Clients, Java Web Start, Citrix, Oracle Forms, AutoCAD SAP R3, Terminal Emulators IBM3270, VT100, VT200 and legacy applications. Scripting supports the Special Functions commands frequently used in Terminal emulations.

Apica's desktop application check monitors scripted elements

Advanced Scripting Capabilities

The Desktop Application Check provides detailed scripting capabilities of a wide spectrum of elements for monitoring each step in the user’s journey. Traditionally it has been difficult to program and highlights the importance of using a solution that includes many of these scripted elements which are already built into its functionality.

  • Execute and Interface with any application with Keyboard, Mouse or Video.
  • Record and script the user journey directly on the desktop.
  • Easily record the user journey by starting the application, click on positions, buttons, images etc.
  • Support for and record text and complex key-commands.

Apica Desktop Application Check Features

Monitoring coverage
Legacy applications are even more business critical. Ensure your SLAs for the desktop services and that your performance is up to user expectations and application design.

Performance efficiency
Monitor Desktop Application performance over time and correlate performance to infrastructure load. Refine and develop the user experience or tune the application servers for optimum load and efficiency.

Easy to use Scripting
Record and script the user journey directly on the desktop. Start the application, click on positions, buttons, images. Enter text and complex key-commands. Wait for the response and assert that it is the expected one.

Continuous Intelligence
See results presented in Interactive dashboards with waterfall graphs, trend reports, and summaries providing reliable insights on performance and availability.

The Best way to monitor Desktop Applications

All applications are not built the same and some legacy applications don’t have the standard APIs or connections to enable complete monitoring of these applications. Using the right tool, you can create real user/application uptime based on usage. Monitoring legacy applications and ensuring they are running properly and running at top level is important to the bottom line of any business. 

Synthetic monitoring is the best way to monitor performance across website both legacy and modern applications and APIs. Scripting the right way and detailed scripting provides a wide spectrum of elements for monitoring each step in the user’s journey. 


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