{eBook} Major Sporting Events Push the Internets Limits

by | July 6, 2015

With Pro Tips on How to Prevent Your Own Web Performance Fumbles

Sports and sporting events have helped to usher in a new era of web, mobile and streaming data.

As the explosion of digital and social media offer increasing outlets for sports fans’ fervor, extreme spikes in web traffic push backend infrastructures to their limits, leading to frustrating performance degradations and angry fans.

This paper explores the impact of major sporting events on interactive web, mobile and streaming data, and offers tips for avoiding large-scale performance fumbles of your own.

Key topics include:

  • 2014 World Cup (aka the most popular social media event in history!) – what were the greatest challenges and successes?
  • Pro American Football and the new digital media – streaming struggles to keep up with fan expectations
  • The Smart Stadium – how is technology transforming the at-game fan experience?
  • How can you proactively prepare for popular web events and prevent your own web performance fumbles?

Apica Product Team