Maintain an Extremely High Uptime Using Monitoring Tools

by | September 25, 2018

Proactive DEM (digital experience monitoring) has become a critical piece of the puzzle for digital organizations, especially as application complexity continues to rise and cloud migration is no longer just a strategic idea. Automation is driving digital transformation today and businesses are investing in people, practices, and tools to ensure their critical internal and external applications are always available and performing as expected.

Intelligence in performance is the key when it comes to DEM and understanding what needs to be edited or changed to gain critical efficiencies in uptime and availability of applications. 451 Research and Apica’s customer¬†Klarna, a $319M+ fintech company, developed an on-demand webinar that highlights how they maintained availability at extremely high uptime for 60M customers, increased their bottom line and overall customer satisfaction using a proactive monitoring toolset, which included Apica Synthetic.

As with anything as customers spend the time and leverage the right kind of active testing they raise their ability to be stronger and better at monitoring. Just like the preparation for running a marathon, they must start with small steps goals and improve over time to where application performance is running at optimal “Marathon” type paces. The four nines value is very difficult without the right tools monitoring performance and feeding back intelligent decision making data. In this on-demand webinar you will learn:

  • What’s driving the demand for a proactive approach to application performance
  • How active load testing and monitoring tools can help your business increase release speed, quality and uptime
  • The 7 secrets of end-to-end monitoring that helped Klarna reach and maintain 99.99% uptime of payments for 60M consumers¬†¬†

Access the webinar here.

Apica Product Team