Quickly Migrate from Micro Focus LoadRunner Scripting to Apica

Apica Helps Migrate from LoadRunner Easily and Without Added Complexity

LR Conversion

With the continued growth of applications being used in and out of an organization, getting a firm grasp on the performance and its impact on your environment is important. As applications move more and more across the enterprises, is it critical to have a strong performance testing and monitoring strategy to meet new modern applications while maintaining investment legacy scripting tools like LoadRunner. With the alternative, Apica, you can convert your LoadRunner script investments into the Apica platform to deliver the speed, scalability and stability required to ensure any application you have will perform as expected wherever the application resides, cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

Extend LoadRunner Investments

Desktop application check

Legacy application performance testing platforms are still required to ensure your past investments can be monitored. Yet, today’s enterprise application requires the ability to test advanced functionality while making scripting easier and automated. Scripting for many core applications needs no Http support – use Apica as your LoadRunner alternative to ensure you cover your legacy applications without Desktop Monitoring.

Apica Synthetic Active Application Monitoring

Full Functionality Scripting

Advanced scripting such as automatic variable assertion, inner-outer loops control, expert java native code support, certificates and Windows authentication, full control of load execution, team support for projects and script management and CI/CD processes.

Support Any Devices

The platform should be optimized to support a wide range of devices, implementations, and operating systems, including iPhones/mobile devices, set-top boxes, game stations, different web applications, and IoT devices.

Scripting Simplicity

The script generation tool should provide support for both easy-to-use script and graphical user interface (GUI) options, creating scripts with minimal time and effort. DevOps users should also be able to access code and or YAML style directly for advanced scripting, including full API support for all functions.

Cloud, On-Premises, or Hybrid

Flexible deployment options allow access to applications, regardless of where they reside.

Built for DevOps

Rich API support for test automation and command control of the full test process should allow the integration between Operations and Development to be as seamless as possible.

Scalable Enterprise Load Testing

A load test should scale up to millions of users within seconds to emulate the speed and scale of virtually any high-profile event worldwide.

Security-Related Load Testing

The solution should be able to simulate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks to validate and simulate diverse types of traffic for defense systems and services while concurrently simulating normal system loads.