Apica Managed Services

How Much Load Can Your Application Handle?

Need to launch a new application, update an existing one or hit a critical launch window? Let Apica's team of battle-tested application performance engineers take care of all the planning, scripting, scheduling and analysis for you, so you can focus on building great applications. We've done thousands of load tests for enterprise clients, all the way up to 10 million virtual users. No test is too big - or too small - for our team to handle.

apica engineers around the globe

How We Work With You

Apica's engineers will help you gather requirements, define your test objectives, develop testing scripts and create a workable schedule for your company. Our engineers work alongside your team to make sure you have every scenario covered. Apica specializes in complex test cases such as modeling multiple user flows and we're equipped to work with advanced security protocols and certificates, legacy applications and a wide variety of infrastructures.

Full-Service Testing Process
1. Gather Requirements

We work with all of your stakeholders to make sure your objectives are clearly defined.

2. Create User-Flow Scripts

We define user flows in collaboration with you, and we create, test and manage all scripts.

3. Schedule and Run Tests

We manage the entire testing infrastructure, load clusters, orchestration layer and each load test.

4. Analyze Performance Data

We generate reports, interpret test data and make recommendations for improving your application performance.

Start Your Full-Service Engagement

Build better, more resilient software with our expertise. We can guide you through the entire testing process, help you create and manage user-scenarios, or manage the entire testing process for you.

Our customer success services include: 24/7 global help-desk and advanced support, professional services, technical account management (TAM), full-service load testing and scripting.