Technical Support Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden - Hybrid Remote

Reports to: Global Director of Customer Success

Location: Stockholm, Sweden; Partially Remote

Job Overview:
As a Technical Support Engineer, you will provide technical support to Apica customers and partners as well as to Apica’s sales organization when help is needed for product trials and POVs. In this critical role, you will respond to situations where your expertise is needed to isolate and fix problems. You will also report design, reliability and maintenance problems or bugs to product management and engineering teams. You may be involved in customer installation and training. In summary, you’ll be a key player within Apica’s Customer Success organization providing support to our customers ensuring they have a great experience and become raving fans.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Monitor the support ticket cue for technical and non-technical questions, member of support team that provides first line of question and answer for majority of customer technical questions around Apica software.
  • Provide internal support for whole of Apica infrastructure and internal tickets.
  • Monitor, track and escalate tickets while maintaining good relationships with professional services team.
  • Provide real-time development for customer needs by creating script and well thought out customer integration.
  • Provide on-call services, backup for networking, PagerDuty.
  • Documentation of internal processes and technology.


  • Ability to multi-task – as a Support Engineer, priorities are always changing.
  • Communication – Working with multiple teams internally means your communication must be top notch.
  • Problem Solving – Lots of tickets we receive require thinking out of the box and looking at all possible angles.
  • Calm Demeanor – Support can sometimes be overwhelming so being able to handle stress and have a level head is crucial.
  • Customer Facing – Most of what support does is interacting with customers. A Support Engineer needs to be able to effectively communicate with customers in a professional manner.
  • Working knowledge of HTML, Selenium, PagerDuty, Linux, Grafana, Python/Java, Networking, Active Directory.

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