Innovative Approaches in Telemetry Pipeline Management for Operational Data by Gartner®

As digital infrastructures grow in size and complexity, monitoring them becomes increasingly challenging. Managing the flow of telemetry data effectively is crucial for cost control and understanding system performance, health, and security. Telemetry pipelines, also known as observability pipelines, offer a unified approach to managing machine data flow from its source to the destination. These pipelines, available in various forms like self managed or SaaS, are critical for handling operational data, which includes metrics, logs, traces, and network flows.

“By 2026, telemetry pipeline products are expected to process 40% of log telemetry, a significant increase from less than 10% in 2022.”

Telemetry pipelines are essential for collecting, enhancing, transforming, and channeling operational data from various sources to their final destinations. With the advent of commercial solutions, the implementation of these pipelines has become more straightforward. Explore Gartner findings on how Telemetry Pipelines Elevate the Handling of Operational Data in this detailed report. Discover how to streamline processes, reduce costs, and enhance collaboration in handling operational data. Get your copy today for a transformative approach to data handling!
Innovation Insight: Telemetry Pipelines Elevate the Handling of Operational Data

Gartner, Innovation Insight: Telemetry Pipelines Elevate the Handling of Operational Data, Gregg Siegfried, 20 July 2023

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