Help Bring the Future into Focus at Akamai Edge 2016

by | October 17, 2016

We’re looking forward to joining 2,000 business leaders, technology partners, and DevOps enthusiasts at Akamai Edge this year from Oct 17-21st in San Francisco. Whether you’re looking to understand which industry trends to focus on, brush up on in-depth technical skills or learn how to use Akamai’s API’s, this conference has something for everyone.

We took a look through the speaker list and our eyes popped when we saw Dr. Guo Dongbai’s name pop up. As the CTO for AliExpress, an Alibaba company, it will be fascinating to see how this e-commerce business is using CDN and cloud computing to drive the success of their organization. Did you know Aliexpress is the most visited e-commerce site in Russia? Didn’t think so.

Meet Apica at Akamai Edge

A few of us here have attended Akamai Edge previously, but we’ve also got some new faces. Whether you’ve met Apica or not, come say hi. We’ve got stickers, t-shirts and some blue tooth speakers to give away.

Two Powerful Platforms – one complete performance solution

When your business and good name depend upon peak performance, downtime is never an option. Apica and Akamai have teamed up to offer a comprehensive web performance management solution. Monitor site uptime, latency, traffic, and content delivery metrics from one place.

  • In-depth, end-to-end view of application performance 24/7
  • Provides unmatched insight into user-journey, response time lags, caching elements & global traffic trends
  • Current Akamai customers can effectively optimize CDN strategy by monitoring website uptime and latency in real-time alongside Akamai traffic.
  • Stay on top of everyday performance concerns & resolve problems before they effect your end user

Easily connect your Akamai account to Apica’s Web Performance Monitoring (WPM) Portal. Correlate data from Akamai with WPM data for far greater performance insight. Track Akamai metrics (Mbps and throughput, for example) with response times on your site. By monitoring the relationship between response times and actual traf c pushed through Akamai over time, you can better understand your environment and more easily troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Apica Product Team