Handicapped by Tools without Performance Management

by | August 23, 2016

Video game developers spend a lot of time testing and retesting their software. They check for playability, look for where the game doesn’t play right and spend a lot of development cycles creating engaging graphics and stories. All this is necessary because the playing public is critical of a bad experience and without testing, development and continued product improvement they will lose their audience and be out of business.

The same is true of every website you visit. From the smallest neighborhood business to the streaming giants, performance management is key to bringing more visitors to your website, a better experience to your visitors and more engagement with your business. The key to advanced performance management is to give your developers access to the tools they need to exercise their code and look into the full exchange between browser and application to find the bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement that lie deep within.

Unfortunately, incumbent tools do not support the types of applications that companies would like to deploy and manual troubleshooting has become one of the primary bottlenecks impeding software delivery at scale. Lack of tools is the number one factor limiting the speed at which software can be delivered into production.

Due to the continuing requirement to improve applications, IT organizations find themselves dealing with the fallout of accelerating software changes into production.  The result is support teams spending too much time fixing production and too little time rolling out new services.

Performance Optimization for State of the Art Application Environments

By: Julie Craig, Research Director & Application Management, EMA

More and more, APIs are forming the basis for business to business, business to consumer and ebusiness interactions in general. Ninety percent of companies are utilizing APIs from other companies and providing connections via API to their own in-house systems. Yet, among them, fewer than twenty percent of these companies are using application-focused tools to monitor performance and availability. It’s no wonder that troubleshooting API transactions is one of the top three challenges these companies report.  Investments in performance management tools that give additional insights into API transactions can make a significant difference in helping companies achieve their top digital objectives.

Apica’s Web Excellence Suite supports the latest technologies that are critical to digital transformation, including load testing and performance monitoring both pre- and post-production. The Suite includes built-in correlation and traffic generators along with very intuitive and robust scripting capabilities, especially when compared to traditional synthetic transaction solutions.

With the strong links between continuous delivery and revenue growth, applications have to be consistently updated and improved. Don’t handicap your development and support teams with inadequate test and monitoring tools. Combine your APM with the powerful resources found in the Apica Web Excellence Suite to accelerate your development cycles and bring cleaner, better-crafted applications to your website visitors.

Apica Product Team