Grafana Partnership Enhances End User Experience

by | July 3, 2018

We have built our business on the idea that performance and end-user experience has a direct impact on organizations. As you may know, we accurately measure performance and understand the end-user experience. With our innovative synthetic monitoring, we simulate real user traffic around the world in order to detect availability and performance issues before they affect users.

Focusing on performance, availability and the end-user experience has taken us to some really cool companies and opportunities. For instance, when we started back in 2007, Amazon had just built its first data center, and the cloud was a fairly new concept. Back then when Bruce Springsteen released concert tickets, nine times out of ten, the website crashed. We have come a long way from that time, but what was okay back then won’t work today. Everything has to be done fast, IOT, API and applications development is moving at light speed today. Now it’s not only the end user but also the digital experience that matters.

As an organization, we proactively look to new technologies to continually improve our offerings and overall customer experience. When our infrastructure team started to look at how to build a “better, future-proof, and very dynamic dashboard 2.0” into Apica’s SaaS products, it was clear we needed something new to fill the gap. The team set out evaluating solutions that were easy to use and didn’t have any direct connection or boundaries to databases or data sources. Funny enough, we had already been using something to meet other needs in the stack and realized that they could fill this gap. We chose Grafana because we could build an entirely new dashboard layer for our customers without added complexity.

With Grafana, we were able to quickly release our SaaS platform at the end of 2017. Since then, we released a package with the data source and some plugins the team developed for Grafana that customers can use if they’re jointly running Grafana.

Customers spoke and we listened, they needed a way to take the data from various places and visualize it in one single place. Providing customers with great visibility is critical to our success. Read more on this partnership here.


Apica Product Team