About Us

Apica’s active monitoring platform is used by global organizations to solve the most complex digital performance issues in today’s multi-cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Apica delivers its scalable monitoring and detailed insights across any location, device, app, or authentication. Our SaaS platform reduces friction and time to resolution for cloud migrations, applications and underlying infrastructure outages ensuring all user experiences exceed expectations.

Tour Guides on Your Business Journey

With initial testing and ongoing checks for proactive incident management, Apica ensures you achieve your business goals with the help of our global Professional Services teams who support your onboarding, adoption, and maintenance of our technology platform. Our custom, white-glove service sets Apica apart from the competition and ensures your business outcomes are always met.

Apica Values

At Apica, we uphold three core values that guide our actions and define our culture. Firstly, we believe in caring about people and results, which means we act with good intentions and always valuing and supporting the individuals, teams and customers that make our business happen. Secondly, we show respect in all our interactions, treating each other, our customers, and partners with fairness, honesty, and dignity. Lastly, we have a passion for solving challenges, relishing the opportunity to use our expertise and creativity to find innovative solutions that help our clients succeed. At Apica, these three values are the foundation of who we are and what we stand for, driving us forward towards a brighter future.

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We Care About People and Results

We are accountable.

We are team players.

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We Show Respect

We have integrity.

We are transparent.

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We Love Solving Challenges

We are engaged.

We deliver.

Join Us

At Apica, we’re committed to the journey—for our customers, our employees, and our products—and strive to bring innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement to everything we do. Take a look at our open positions.


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