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Apica Releases Four New Incident Management Integrations

New York – Nov 6th 2017 –  Apica, the performance monitoring and testing experts, have today announced four new native incident management integrations for 24×7 performance monitoring. Out-of-the-box connectors available in Apica Synthetic now feed event intelligence and IT alerts instantly to ServiceNow, Splunk, Slack, Ops Genie and PagerDuty, allowing enterprise IT organizations to route critical issues to the right individuals and teams–via the appropriate systems–for accelerated resolution.

Apica Synthetic, Apica’s application monitoring solution, proactively monitors websites, applications and APIs around the clock and identifies availability and performance issues before they affect end-users. Apica’s monitoring solution collects event intelligence continuously and automatically routes alerts to these best-in-breed platforms, enabling IT Operations and Development teams to identify, isolate, and address problems efficiently. Teams can customize dynamic thresholds for incident alerting and let Apica route critical issues to the right individuals in the organization. IT enterprises are also able to correlate Apica’s event metrics with data from application performance management (APM) and real user monitoring (RUM) tools for deeper, more holistic insights within their system of record.

Companies are investing in performance monitoring, alerting and incident management technology to gain increased visibility and insight, and to minimize business interruption. Throughout 2017, many enterprise e-commerce retailers, airlines and payment processing companies have suffered public web and app performance bottlenecks and disruptions, costing businesses millions of dollars and damaging brand reputation and customer loyalty. It goes to show that even major enterprises are still vulnerable to serious unexpected business interruption.

“Digital businesses are looking to improve time-to-resolution and take proactive steps to prevent problems before they do real harm to their bottom line,” says Apica founder and Chief Strategy Officer Sven Hammar. “These new integrations help companies isolate the performance challenges that matter most–all the way down to a specific application component–and equip teams with reliable data to improve software quality.”

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