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Apica and C.A.G. Senseus Collaborate to Offer Web and Performance Testing

Stockholm, February 28, 2018. Apica, the leading provider of Performance Monitoring for the Enterprise business, today announced a new partnership with Swedish consulting firm C.A.G Senseus in a joined effort to offer web application performance testing to Swedish customers.

How do you know your web can handle millions of concurrent users? Web traffic spikes aren’t just a concern for retailers during Black Friday or when running sales promotions. Every industry has its peak traffic and its associated threats to web and app performance. The results you obtain from performance testing are key factors if you want to succeed in deploying new IT systems or applications.

Here at C.A.G Senseus we have in-depth knowledge of test automation and test design, and we are now increasing our scope of practice to include performance testing”, says Tommi Uurtonen, Head of Consulting at C.A.G Senseus.

“We can see how more and more people are realizing the importance of performance testing and we have noticed an increased need in that area looking at both our customers as well as external players.”

The partner agreement means that Apica will provide and develop the tools that enable the process of setting up performance tests. C.A.G Senseus will integrate and implement the tests for the customer and help analyze and specify requirements to ensure quality outcome. The performance tests will be integrated in the existing delivery process and become a natural and continuous part of quality assurance.

“It is fairly easy getting started with performance testing, the difficulty usually lays in the execution. You need to have an extensive knowledge of many factors within testing to know what to include and focus on to achieve reliable results” commented Apica’s CEO Sven Hammar.

Partnering with Apica allows us to work with a great product that is user friendly, and a competent partner we can exchange knowledge with and share customers with“, says Tommi.

Sven Hammar, sees the partnership as a great way for both companies to broaden their customer base:

C.A.G’s strength is their wide network and great customer relationships within testing. With the knowledge they have the bridge over to performance testing is not difficult to cross”, Sven says. “In the long perspective we hope that the collaboration can be extended to other companies within the C.A.G group that are also working with the performance of business critical systems.”

The partnership was initiated end of last year and will initially be focused around competence development. The next step will be to develop the collaboration within a number of different projects.


About C.A.G
C.A.G is a growing group of IT-companies focusing on leadership, development, operations, and education. The C.A.G group was founded in 2005 and today consists of 11 subsidiaries and 330 consultants with offices in three Swedish cities; Stockholm, Enköping and Västerås.

About Apica Systems
Apica is the leading provider of Performance Monitoring for the Enterprise Business. Our customers are typically large global companies with a complex IT infrastructure and a need to monitor business critical applications. We ensure that our customers can deliver high quality applications, API, IoT and mobile performance while maintaining speed, visibility and control in the delivery process. Our performance monitoring platform includes global synthetic monitoring enhanced with comprehensive scripting and load testing capabilities to quality assure user experience.

Apica’s Performance Monitoring Solution is integrated with leading vendors such as AppDynamics, New Relic, Dynatrace and ServiceNow.

Apica’s suite – available as SaaS, on-premise and hybrid solutions – is trusted by 300+ leading brands globally. To learn more about Apica, visit // @apicasystems

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