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Apica Ranks Top 100 Internet Retailer – Web Performance Index

Index evaluates and ranks web performance of top eCommerce websites

Apica, a leading provider of comprehensive performance testing and monitoring tools, today announced its 2016 Cyber Monday Web Performance Index. The index evaluates various aspects of the web performance for the top 100 eCommerce websites in the United States.

The index is based on a weighted average of critical elements that determine web performance, including how long the elements of a webpage take to load (document object model complete or DOM score), the total site rendering time and the stability and consistency of the site under heavy and light loads. The overall web performance index is an indicator of how the eCommerce industry is performing as a whole. Web performance is a primary factor in completing transactions on eCommerce sites as well as customer experience.

2016 Cyber Monday Web Performance Index Scores:

• 2016 Overall Cyber Monday Web Performance Index: 58/100
• 2016 DOM Complete Index: 59.8/100
• 2016 Total Render Time Index: 45.6/100
• 2016 Stability Index: 64.6/100
• 2016 Top Three Sites For Web Performance are: Apple, Home Depot and Dell

“The Cyber Monday Index offers a view into how the top online retail websites will perform over the next year,” said Marko/Whitney. “This year’s overall Cyber Monday Web Performance Index was 58/100, but we had hoped that this number was closer to 75/100 with Cyber Monday 2016 sales being the highest in history. As marketers, online retailers and eCommerce professionals look to measure the overall success of the campaigns and marketing strategies during this holiday shopping season — it is critical to also understand overall industry website performance, scalability and load capacity to understand what the shopper is experiencing.”

Multiple studies have demonstrated that retail site load time directly correlates to sales as every additional 100ms of load time to open a site could cost approximately one percent in sales. Below are the key findings from the 2016 index that highlight the need for better performance testing across the majority of the top 100:

Top Ten eCommerce Websites are Healthy, But Rest Are Lagging Behind Expectations
• 63 percent load under five seconds on average
• 4.76 seconds is the average load time
• Top 10 are blazing fast: 1.78 second average; 28% are under 3 seconds

Scaling and Stability is a Major Issue Across the Industry
• 50% of the IR 100 experienced major issues (load times over 20 seconds or errors)
• 38% had load time spikes over 30 seconds, 4 timed out
• Under heavy traffic loads, websites are 5x slower on average

Deception Through Progressive Page Loading is Key to Speed

• Only 19% of sites are fully loaded in under 5 seconds
• Vast majority load pages progressively taking 10.9 seconds to fully load
• This means, on average, pages take an additional 6.1 seconds to load fully after they look “completed”

Individual performance
• 60 percent of sites performed better than the 2016 DOM Complete Index of 59.8
o The top three leaders were Ae, Home Depot, Apple Store, Groupon and Ruelala
• 56 percent of sites performed better than the 2016 Total Render Time Index of 45.6
o The top five leaders were Apple Store, Dell, Target, Tigerdirect and Home Depot
• 57 percent of sites performed better than the 2016 Stability Index of 64.6
o The top five leaders were Bestbuy, Costco, Ruelala, Build and Crateandbarrel

To learn more about the index methodology and the ranking of the top 100, go to the Cyber Monday Index report.

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