Author: Sven Hammar

Desktop Application Monitoring – Are you Doing it Right?

Legacy applications tend to be the driver for businesses to achieve revenue goals. Despite having the standard legacy challenges like not working as they should or with the new network ecosystems they continue to drive a lot of decisions in the enterprise network. The challenge is that not all applications are built the same and […]

Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics

Using Grafana to Visualize Apica Monitoring Metrics By Sven Hammar, CPO at Apica Systems We have always provided Apica users with the best graphical reports to help visualize what is happening across any application or environment. A few of these graphical reports can be provided through the Portal, and these metrics can be brought into […]

History Making Customer Use Cases

It seems today that the once boring IT team is now center stage to some incredible revolutionary moment in time. I’m talking about a moment like when the light bulb was invented – in our case the ever-increasing usage of IoT devices and the inter-connectivity of 5G into everything around us from connected cars to […]

Digital Transformation and Company Culture

3 Ways CIOs are Reinventing the Workplace When it comes to digitally transforming the workplace, companies are struggling to see the bigger picture. In order for an enterprise to truly transform, CIOs need to take the lead and combine cultural change with technical innovation. This article will cover the three ways that CIO’s can reinvent […]

Recap of APEX Customer Event 2018 – Metrics Based on Lighthouse

I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with our amazing customers at our annual user conference – APEX 2018. This year, it was held in Stockholm and was packed with excellent sessions on the importance of user experiences, integration news and discussions on what’s next. If you missed this year’s event don’t […]

Buckle up: Connected Cars are Coming

From Total Recall, to Knight Rider, to Batman, it’s fair to say that the public imagination loves a good autonomous vehicle. But what would happen if the Batmobile lost its internet connection mid-adventure, or KIT got hacked by a third party? It might not make the best movie, but it may be a little more […]

Digital Experience: Monitoring What You Need With Synthetic

By Sven Hammar, CPO of Apica Digital experience monitoring isn’t new, and there are many ways for enterprise companies to slice that pie depending on IT and business needs. The one unifying challenge, in all cases, is finding the right combination of technologies that will not only meet customers’ expectations, but also help transform the […]

5 Steps to Avoid the Damage of a Website Crash

Sven Hammar, founder and chief strategy officer, Apica The website crash experienced by Virgin Money Giving proved to be a very expensive mistake by the brand. Even temporarily ignoring the financial aspect, in the short-term it prevented friends, colleagues, and relatives from personally supporting those who were running. In the long term, it could potentially […]