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Self Service Atlassian Bamboo Plugin

Loadtest Bamboo deploy package on Atlassian Marketplace This package has been tested with Bamboo version 6.8. Overview The LTP Atlassian Bamboo plugin makes it possible to run automatic load tests as part of a build process. It starts and monitors a load test from start to finish and presents some statistics at the end. The […]

Why is website availability monitoring important?

To understand website availability monitoring, it’s important to understand synthetic monitoring. Synthetic Monitoring is a process initiated proactively by external agents (typically lightweight agents) that are meant to imitate actual end users and web traffic. These agents use scripts — that follow similar scenarios to those taken by actual end users — to automate transactions against web applications. […]

Focus on Innovative Technology That Actually Delivers Value

It’s no surprise that Gartner has estimated that by 2020, there will be seven billion connected business devices in existence. Companies are investing vast sums in IoT, but the question remains, how many of these devices are actually useful and deliver value? From the connected coffee machine that will tell you when you’re nearly out […]

Facing Up to the New Customer Experience Challenges in 2018

When it comes to maintaining constant ‘uptime’ for customer experience, even the most reputable industry players face hurdles. In 2018, businesses could do well to get to grips with their services in terms of improving availability, driving optimum performance and delivering the ultimate customer experience. Here are some new customer experience challenges businesses are facing […]

4 key requirements for an enterprise IoT strategy

By 2020, there will be billions of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). From the Google Homes and Fitbits in our personal lives to smart cities connecting everything from traffic lights, public transport, and water supply systems, IoT devices are producing masses of data to improve virtually every aspect of the day-to-day. As […]

Application Monitoring Could Have Prevented the StubHub Crash

StubHub, one of the most well-known online ticket exchange companies, crashed for 20+ minutes following the Georgia Bulldogs double-overtime win in Atlanta on January 1st. Although StubHub has yet to reveal the cause of the crash, in the age of instant digital response Georgian fans immediately took to Twitter to announce they “broke StubHub”. In […]

7 Secrets to Maintaining Four Nines Uptime

Klarna’s 7 secrets for maintaining four nines uptime 1. Implement end-to-end responsibility 2. Get started on a shift in architecture (Microservices in cloud platform and graceful degradation) 3. Keep centralized Incident Management (operations land, OPs knowledge) 4. Support proper Problem Management 5. Do continuous improvement/feedback – on all levels (lives, dev-teams, retros, incident reports) 6. […]

Page & Transaction Throughput: Measuring Performance

As the holiday season approaches, the IT and Development teams for many ecommerce and online retail brands have already begun their application performance testing to gain answers to business-critical questions. What will happen when thousands upon thousands of users concurrently visit the web app to conduct their holiday gift shopping? At what point will the […]

Investing in Apica: Q&A with Mikael Johnsson from Oxx

Oxx, the investment company for scale-up stage B2B software businesses, focusing on the UK, the Nordics and Israel, recently led a $12m funding round in Apica. We sat down with Mikael Johnsson, Oxx’s General Partner, to discuss the investment, market opportunities, and his thoughts on the world of performance testing. Tell us more about Oxx […]