Webinar Invite: Optimizing Web & Mobile Performance

by | March 28, 2014

Pressure to deliver new features and functionality fast, often with technologies new to your development/operations team, means you need to be ever more vigilant in how users experience your services – 24×7. Whether you are moving hosting providers, planning a new code deployment, preparing for a special event attracting abnormally high load or wanting to ensure a great experience for daily users, this webinar will help you to optimize the 1001 components that interact to give a fast response time.

Welcome to our Live Free Webinar: Best Practice for Optimizing end user Performance on Web and Mobile. In this webinar the experts from Apica will guide you through the Best Practice Optimization. At this webinar you will learn about:

  • Setting performance goals for web and mobile
  • Agile testing aligned with agile development
  • Building your testing plan to stress all components in the architecture
  • Planning for new deployments
  • Verifying current and future architecture setups to match business requirements
  • Optimizing performance to get the very best out of your set up
  • 24×7 monitoring for daily performance alerting on service degradation – with all the stats to identify why

Do join us on 15th April for this webinar. Sign up here

Date: 15th April 2014
Time: 1400 GMT, 1500 CET