Are Your Business Applications Dealing with a Traffic Jam? Get Unstuck Today!

by | March 28, 2019

With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 just behind us it is clear that most, if not all conversations were about everything becoming connected to everything through 5G Networks. With this huge push to make 5G real and the ever-increasing explosion of data in countless forms, real-time traffic on the internet is not only growing but becoming unruly.

We all enjoy streaming movies, watching a live broadcasting sporting event and getting our music when we want it. With all of this usage, it’s no wonder that traffic is so high and these streaming services have become the number one consumers of internet bandwidth. Everything everywhere has become globally accessible through online services and not being able to access those feels much like sitting in a traffic jam in Los Angeles.

Application streaming is no different as it is a key area where real-time data must be captured and delivered instantaneously. Even though entertainment streaming services are driving a lot of traffic, essential business operations and applications are starting to come into their own and ensuring the performance of these applications will become critical to business success. These streaming business applications include online instructional training, remote security monitoring, telemedicine, video chats, live news, and much more.

Because most business applications use different streaming protocols, including RTPM (Flash-based) and HTTP Live Streaming (HTTP-based), knowing how to monitor performance can be tricky. No matter what protocols are being used, running performance testing of streaming data and applications is a key step before launching any application in real time.

One way to ensure your business-critical applications are delivering as expected to your end users is to run monitors in controlled predictable setups, resulting in finding any challenges quickly. In order to ensure your testing is delivering better results the monitoring tool should do the following:

  • Proactively monitor your websites, applications and APIs around the clock and identify availability and performance issues before they affect your customers.
  • Detect any issues that impact the end-user experience–from page load time and page size to network instability, the impact of third-party providers and much more.
  • Run your monitors like a scientist in a lab with controlled environments where you can minimize variables and reduce false-positives.

Apica’s solutions can handle the most complex user-scenarios from a variety of web-enabled devices to business-critical applications. You can use our products purely as a SaaS platform, or deploy internal monitoring and load agents for complete control and security. In today’s growing and unruly traffic, reliability and performance are critical to ensuring you are not the traffic jam and the best way to ensure this is by having unmatched visibility.

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Apica Product Team