The Swedish Road Administration Uses Apica Services

by | December 15, 2008

[Stockholm, Sweden, December 15, 2008.]

Swedish IT company Apica has won a large state contract from the Swedish Road Administration (SRA). Apica will secure the quality of SRA’s web applications, especially monitoring of its availability and functionality. SRA and underlying applications such as the national traffic register are high traffic web sites through which Swedes can access more than 70 different services regarding vehicles, drivers licenses, roads and traffic 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Apica is a supplier of Internet based services for advanced performance tests and load tests of various web applications.

It is Apica’s new service Apica Availability 2.0 that will be used to test, quality assure, and monitor SRA’s web site ( and its sub-pages and applications.

A large number of services can be used around the clock on the Internet, which is an integral part of the Swedish authorities’ aim to be efficient and customer orientated. Many interested parties are dependent on these Internet based services and it is therefore important that the services are constantly available, fulfills goals for response times and have well-functioning dialogues.

The Swedish Road Administration is the national authority assigned with the overall responsibility for the entire road transport system. SRA’s task is to co-operate with others to develop an efficient road transport system in the direction stipulated by the Swedish Government and Parliament. This involves issues relating to environmental impact, road safety, accessibility, transport quality, regional development and gender equality.

SRA’s responsibility also includes intelligent transport systems, public transport, adaptations for disabled persons, commercial traffic, applied research and development and demonstration activities in the road transport system. The SRA is also responsible for the exercise of public authority within this sector as well as the planning, construction, operation and maintenance of state roads.

The public contract that has now been awarded to Apica means that Apica will supply services for continuous web site availability measurements, monitoring and verification of transactions, delivery of reports for follow-ups, and alarms when deviations occur.

Some of the requirements of the monitoring service that Apica supplies are about measurements of the sites from various geographical locations in Sweden, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Different types of measurements will be carried out, e.g. simple measurements, simulated user dialogues and advanced dialogues with e-legitimation.

“The fact that Apica has won this contract shows that one of Sweden’s largest national authorities has yet again put its faith in Apica to secure the quality and performance of its e-services. We look forward to a beneficial cooperation with the Swedish Road Administration”, said Sven Hammar, CEO, Apica.

About Apica

Apica is a Swedish company that supplies Internet based services for advanced load tests and performance analyses of business critical web applications. The Apica Performance Platform verifies load levels and availability of web sites and their applications and server environments. Customers can with Apica’s services swiftly and effectively increase their web applications’ quality, availability and performance.

The company has an office in Solna just outside Stockholm, Sweden, approximately 40 measuring agents in the Nordic countries, Europe and the USA, and a load capacity of more than 4 GB synthetic Internet traffic from three load centers.

Apica was founded in 2005 by Sven Hammar, Johan Bengtsson and Niclas Tollgård. Sven Hammar is the company’s CEO. Apica’s clients include Apoteket (Sweden’s National Pharmacy), Sergel Kredittjänster, SMHI, TV4, SEMA (the Swedish Emergency Management Agency), Boxer, Avanza and Posten/Strålfors. Technology partners are ProxySniffer, Polopoly, Ownit and EPiServer. Integration partner is Kerfi.

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