Apica tests and quality measures Scandic Hotels web site and new internet based booking system

by | March 31, 2008

Apica has been commissioned by Scandic Hotels, the leading Nordic Hotel chain, to test and quality measure Scandic’s web site and new internet based booking system. Apica is a Swedish company which performs advanced performance- and loadtests of web applications.

Apica has been commissioned to assist Scandic Hotels with tests and quality measuring of the hotel chains web site www.scandichotels.com. Apica will perform regular performance and availability tests of Scandic’s web site, including the international editions, as well as additional web applications. One of these web applications is a new, recently developed, internet based booking system, which is extremely business critical for Scandic.

Apica’s applications and solutions efficiently helps its customers to increase performance and quality of their web site’s and to secure availability and performance of business critical web applications.

– All our web sites shall of course meet the highest standards. Also, it is of outmost importance that our recently developed booking system works impeccably. This is way we have hired Apica to assist us with testing, quality measurement and optimisation of our internet presence, says Pia Hofstedt, Director IT, Scandic.

Scandic is the leading hotel chain of the Nordics with141 hotels in ten countries.

– Scandics web site is informative, customer friendly and also very business critical, as it contians the booking system. Therefore, it is vital that the site is working with top performance. We are glad to be given the confidence of Scandic to assist with this, says Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica.