Apica ProxySniffer 5.0 boosts load testing ability

by | October 4, 2012

Earlier this summer, Apica advanced its mega load testing capabilities through the acquisition of ProxySniffer, the advanced web load and stress testing tool. Today, we upped the ante a little bit more with the release of ProxySniffer’s newest version. Apica ProxySniffer 5.0 is chock full of even more advanced capabilities that increase users’ control and insight into their load testing scenarios.

Some of these new features include:

  • Load clustering. Apica ProxySniffer 5.0 maximizes the scalability of user load tests by executing tests in different locations and operating systems. Various load generators can be interconnected to form a “virtual cluster” to achieve almost unlimited load levels. Temporary load agents can be “hired” from Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute to simulate over 200,000 concurrent users.
  • Multithread support. With multithreading support, users gain the ability to conduct parallel load testing. Apica ProxySniffer can mimic from six parallel threads (the amount used by a typical browser today) up to 24.
  • LoadTest integration. Apica customers can now upload and share their load testing scripts between the Apica LoadTest and Apica ProxySniffer portals. This enables them to more easily correlate and compare the results of the different tests.

Read our press release for more details on the release of Apica ProxySniffer 5.0.

Apica Product Team