Apica Provides Enhanced Transitions Chart

by | July 11, 2016

With our customers in mind, we are excited to add a custom events chart to the events page of Apica’s WebPerformance Monitor solution, which provides you with the complete picture of your account’s health.

As your checks’ performance changes, its severity will change. A check can change severity several times during the day. In the past, keeping track of all changes made to all your checks may have been a daunting task. By expanding your performance testing capabilities you now have direct access to the transitions chart on the events page.

With Apica WebPerformance Monitor, users can monitor the health of a check with four degrees of severity:

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error
  • Fatal

The image below shows you all the severity transitions for all your checks over a chosen period of time.

This new chart is the perfect supplement to the already existing events table. Users will have the capability and granularity to click on one of the columns in the chart to quickly access that time period in the table–delivering more details about all the events. With the custom events chart, external actions that could have an impact on performance are quickly discovered enabling faster resolution to maintenance issues with windows, power outages, and other events.

By having access to the Transition chart, Events table, and Custom Events chart on the same page, you can have complete visibility on your account’s health–both historically and at any given point in time.

Apica Product Team