Apica Officially a Mozilla-Based Application

by | February 14, 2011

Apica, a leader in the Nordic market for load testing and web performance optimization, has developed a Mozilla-based application named
ApicaWatch for the web browser Firefox. Apica is officially one of the applications being built by individuals and organizations using Mozilla technologies, and is listed on Mozilla’s web site as such. Apica’s project, named ApicaWatch, is a new type of Full Page Rendercheck which makes use of the web browser Firefox to measure response times for websites and their objects. On top of the response time it also collects detailed information that is used to give a more analyzed view of the webpage. This includes data on object load times in the form of a waterfall graph to pinpoint slow loading objects causing longer response times than might be expected. The ability to make advanced scenarios, or user-step journeys, with ApicaWatch using Selenium is also a great way to verify the functionality of a website.
It is easy set up scenarios that perform logins, do searches, complete purchases, or just verify that a booking flow works and is uploaded directly on Apica’s monitor portal.

ApicaWatch was built to show the results in an easy way. That is the reason for adding a feature that takes a screenshot for every step. Web Operations staff can then easily see how the web page looks like just by looking at an image of the web page. More power has also been added to Apica’s monitor portal where the customers can create ApicaWatch-checks and configure with/without scenarios and specify settings that fit their specific needs e.g. exclude objects, verify strings, choose the size of screenshots and block certain domains.
Mozilla is an open source project whose software has been used to build some of the Internet’s best applications. The Mozilla community creates a variety of different technologies that are freely available for other people and organizations to use in their own products. Its most acclaimed and popular application is the web browser Firefox. See www.mozilla.org

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