Apica loadtests the crises portal of the Swedish Emergency Management Agency – SEMA

by | June 30, 2008

During the Spring of 2008 Apica has carried out external load tests for theSwedish Emergency Management Agency – SEMA. The purpose of the loadtests was to verify the performance of SEMA’s web at peak load in a crisis situation.

Apica has been commissioned to support SEMA with tests and quality measuring of SEMA:s crises portal, www.krisinformation.se. The commission has comprised optimisation of the web site’s performance in a foreseen crises situation, when a vast number of users – both individuals and governmental staff – needs to be able to access important information.

Apica’s applications and solutions has verified that the site can cope with a certain peak load and shown how the site will perform at such load. The tests and analysises has led to specific changes in order to optimise the performance further.

“SEMA’s web applications has to meet the highest standards regarding response time and availability. It is thefore of the outmost importance that the web sites work with optimum performance. We are very proud to have been chosen to assist SEMA with this”, says Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica.

About SEMA

The Swedish Emergency Management Agency – SEMA(Krisberedskapsmyndigheten (KBM), http://www.krisberedskapsmyndigheten.se/) is a governmental body with the task to coordinate crisis preparedness in the Swedish society.

SEMA has offices in Stockholm and Sollefteå with a total staff of approx. 270.