Apica Launches Apica Watch

by | June 1, 2011

 Apica Launches Apica WatchTM Cloud Performance Monitoring Service with Full Selenium Support, Mobile Performance Monitoring from Any iPhone


  • Established European Cloud Testing and Performance Monitoring Player Moves into U.S. Market with New Products, Partnerships and Customers
  • With Full Selenium Support, Apica Watch Cloud Service Lets Customers Monitor Websites from a True End-User Perspective
  • New Apica iPhoneTM Application Gives Customers End-to-End Performance Monitoring Anytime, from Anywhere


PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 1, 2011 – Apica, a leading European load testing and performance-monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today officially entered the U.S. market, announcing new products, partners and customers. The company unveiled Apica Watch, a new cloud service with full support for Selenium, giving customers the ability to monitor their websites from a true end-user perspective. In addition, the company launched the Apica iPhone application, providing users a rich performance monitoring solution 24/7 from anywhere. Both Apica Watch and the Apica iPhone application are available now.


Selenium is the popular open source software testing framework for web applications that lets customers generate, create and run scripts representing complex user scenarios, such as logging in, searching, making travel reservations and completing purchases online. Users can create test scripts using Selenium, and upload and seamlessly reuse them in Apica Watch to monitor applications globally. Uniquely, the Apica Watch service visually “documents” the executed script, taking screen shots along the way, leaving web operations staff with a full graphical account of how the application performed.


Companies are relying on vast revenue streams from web applications, and business application owners need to be sure that these systems are running at peak performance at all times. With the new Apica iPhone application, customers get a rich web performance monitoring solution from anywhere, including check types, scenario checks and URL checks. Users can easily log in from their iPhone and view their SLAs and response times, among other things.


Apica also provides cloud performance testing to customers of cloud partners such as RightScale [see separate announcement titled, “Apica Partners with RightScale to Deliver Application Performance Excellence in the Cloud”]. Joint customers like TransGaming, Inc. have experienced gains of 400 percent improvement in performance and concurrency testing.


Supporting Quotes


“The Apica Watch service provides us both performance monitoring and reliable monitoring of our web sites, including the booking flow and alerts, just as soon as something happens. With Apica Watch, we can quickly see what might be hampering performance. The technology shows us screen shots taken at each step of the booking flow, and shows the search parameters used, for example, and the error message encountered,” said Stefan Falk, Operation Technician and Front-End Developer for Thomas Cook Northern Europe.


“One of the biggest concerns in cloud computing today is performance – it is absolutely critical for businesses to test their cloud application prior to deployment and monitor those same applications to ensure optimal performance levels. Failure to deliver performance in an application will have a significant impact to the business. Apica offers performance and monitoring solutions for organizations of all sizes. While Apica is a new entrant to the U.S. market, the company brings a credible list of customers from a variety of vertical markets where performance is paramount to business success,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of industry analyst firm Voke.



“We feel that there is an unmet need in the marketplace for a solution that tightly integrates load testing and performance monitoring to help companies meet the highest levels of excellence in cloud performance. Unlike siloed offerings available today, businesses with a critical need for understanding how their applications perform globally and in the cloud need a fully integrated approach to load testing and monitoring. Apica meets this need in a flexible, easy-to-use platform at the highest value,” said Sven Hammar, CEO of Apica.


“Apica Watch, with Selenium support, and our new iPhone application, demonstrate the latest technological innovations from Apica, as well as a commitment to our customers to continually provide products and services that keep clients’ cloud applications running uninterrupted and performing at the highest possible level,” said Niclas Tollgard, CTO of Apica.



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