Apica hires three new employees

by | August 11, 2008

The Swedish based IT-company Apica has hired three new employees; Peter Tollgård is hired as Head of Consultancy, Robert Aresved is the new Support Manager and will also be a technical consultant, and Erik Torlén becomes Apica’s new test- and internet expert.

Peter Tollgård recently took up the position as new Head of Consultancy. He is recruited to Apica from the position as Team Leader of SEB:s Messaging Team. Earlier employers include Aventure, Computer Associates, Idealock and Tollgard Management. Peter has taken most of Microsoft’s certifications, including Windows Server, Exchange Server, Active Directory and TopCall FAX/SMS. He has also taken several management- and project management training programmes with SEB.

Robert Aresved is hired as Support Manager with Apica. He will also be working as a technical consultant. Robert is a system engineer and previously has worked with system administration with a o Qbranch and Guide.

Erik Torlén is hired as Apica’s new test- and internet expert. Erik has studied mathematics and computer engineering with Bromma Gymnasium.