Apica Expert Shares 5 Cloud Optimization Predictions for 2012

by | January 11, 2012

Apica Expert Shares Top Five Cloud Optimization Predictions for 2012

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Jan. 11, 2012Apica, a leading load testing and performance-monitoring provider for cloud and mobile applications, today announced its cloud predictions for 2012. These predictions are based on the company’s interactions with customers, partners, analysts and industry thought-leaders and are provided by web optimization expert and Apica CEO, Sven Hammar.


Apica’s 2012 Cloud Optimization Predictions:

1. Social manifestation moves to .Net

With social media setting the stage for more and more of the Internet’s overall web traffic, a lot of the typical social manifestation will be moved to .Net this year. Product demonstrations and such from companies will become a much more frequent event on the web.


2. Cloud providers (finally) guarantee load times and transfer speeds

There are currently no cloud providers in the market today that can give a true indication of the performance of your applications. There are no guarantees for load times or transfer speeds. In 2012, one of the big five cloud providers will offer customers both guarantees and independent validation of performance. This trend will then escalate to applications and services. In short, merely having cloud “uptime” will not suffice.


3. WebSocket provides exceptional performance

Anyone serious about achieving exceptional performance will start to use WebSocket for transaction and data-intense applications. Updating real-time graphs and dealing with large volumes of transactions will be greatly improved by WebSocket. HTTP is great for content, but comes up short for frequent data updates.


4. HTML 5 features make a huge splash

The new web standard, HTML 5, will create noise by introducing a much better way to work with web applications. Most new applications will take advantage of HTML 5 features, local storage, computing capabilities and also WebSocket support.


5. Adobe Flash takes a big step back 

Apple has not been shy about their strong resistance to Flash and Microsoft has announced they will not support it in Metro. While it might be too soon to claim the technology’s death, 2012 should be a defining year in the trend of cloud and web developers moving away from Flash.


“The explosion of web applications and websites moving to the cloud has caused a significant amount of problems with regards to capacity and performance. And, not all services have fully kept pace with the demand in terms of performance and reliability,” said Sven Hammar, web optimization expert and CEO at Apica. “In 2012, the testing and performance market will take excellence and stability to a new level. Tuning, scaling and other queuing systems for extreme traffic will be critical for any successful company doing business online and in the cloud.”


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