Apica Integrates with AWS CodePipeline

by | July 9, 2015

We are excited to announce that AWS CodePipeline users will now be able to take full advantage of Apica LoadTest’s powerful automated testing capabilities from within the AWS CodePipeline dashboard!

AWS CodePipeline automates the application build, test, and release process, allowing for fast and reliable application updates.

With Apica on AWS CodePipeline, developers can model the full release process for building code, deploying to pre-production environments, testing the application, performing live load tests of any size, and releasing to production – all from one platform.

Automating this process allows a developer to test each code change efficiently and effectively, while ensuring the quality of their code.

“Apica’s technology integration with AWS CodePipeline provides agile developers a streamlined and efficient solution for modeling, deploying and testing their applications without ever leaving the AWS CodePipeline dashboard” says Erik Torlen, VP R&D at Apica. “This integration makes it easy to automate powerful testing functionality throughout the development lifecycle, helping Dev teams release better quality apps on time, without experiencing typical launch-day surprises.”

Apica LoadTest offers advanced scripting capabilities, a flexible SaaS platform for easy test executions, scheduling, automation and results analysis, GUI-supported scripting with no programming required, full API, and integration with APM tools including AppDynamics and New Relic. AWS Codepipeline users can schedule and run automated load tests from the AWS CodePipeline dashboard, thus streamlining the testing process.

[Video] Set up a load test inside AWS Codepipeline

Please visit the Apica KnowledgeBase for detailed information Apica’s integration with AWS CodePipeline.

AWS CodePipeline users can sign up for a free version of Apica’s LoadTest platform (AWS usage fees apply; includes unlimited automated testing for up to 50 concurrent users) HERE.

Apica Product Team